Count Calories to Lose Weight
January 8, 2018

There is a lot of talk about what methods are the best when you want to lose weight. We know why people get so excited at the different methods that are being mentioned, but we believe that you should have all the hard facts before you are going to end up on some fad diet. Yes, there are some interesting diets out there, and each diet has its pros and cons. But we also need you to know that if you have only one goal, weight loss, you do not need a specific type of diet to make it happen.

Why? Because when you want to lose weight, only one thing matters: how many calories you are putting into your body and how many you are burning. There is only one calculation that you should care about, calories out subtracted from calories in. When you add up the results of that number for each week, you will know how many pounds you could be losing. A pound is 3500 calories, for anyone who is not aware. That gives you some idea about how many calories you need to burn if you want to lose weight.

Now a lot of people think that when we mention calories, we want you to go nuts at the gym. Again, going to the gym regularly is something that is good for you. It will help your health and you will feel like a more energetic and active person. But losing weight is not necessarily related to how much time you are spending at the gym. People can lose 50 pounds without even exercising for a single second during that time. How? By counting calories and figuring out how much they are consuming. The reality is that what you put into your body matters way more than what you can burn.

That is why we want you to know about appetite suppressors. We believe that these suppressors, like those at, are the key if you want to find a successful weight loss plan. Why? Since you are going to dramatically lower how many calories you are consuming each day, you will have to figure out a way to keep your body satisfied. Yes, you can eat healthier foods so you can have more but consume less calories, but that only works to an extent. An appetite suppressor insures you feel fine even after eating less than you normally would.

In terms of how much you need to cut, it is up to you. Say you want to lose 2 pounds a week, which is 7000 calories, you will need to ensure you are at a loss of 1000 calories each day. That means you should be eating 1000 calories less than you burn. Say your regular calories burned in a day when you do not exercise is 2500, then you should be having 1500 calories. But since 1500 calories is fairly low, you can bump it up to 1800 and add maybe 30 or 45 minutes of exercise into your routine.